Global Micropayments Wallet

We help online publishers monetise premium content with cross-border micropayments and zero fixed fees. Few¢ents Wallet is easy to integrate and drives incremental revenue from global audiences.

Topup options: Wallets Banks Cards

Fewcents Global Micropayments Wallet

Monetise non-subscribers at global scale

Micropayments is the prefect bridge between ads and subscriptions.

Few¢ents Wallet

One login across multiple publishers

Easy to integrate with no setup costs and zero fixed fee micropayments.


Few¢ents Wallet is a light weight extension that sits on top of existing content. Hence, it does not interfere with your SEO.

Users can topup in their local currency using banks or local e-wallets. With a single topup currency, users can make micropayments across multiple publishers globally.

Few¢ents Wallet intelligent notifications help users discover new publications and articles. Hence, we drive new visitors for publishers.

To unlock an article, visitors have to explicitly approve micropayments from Few¢ents Wallet. This ensures that we do not rely on open protocols to unlock articles and no bad agent can steal from user's Few¢ents Wallet.

Enable Few¢ents Wallet across multiple content formats; text, audio, video, photo, etc.


Experience visitor's journey with Few¢ents Wallet on publisher site.


Compare revenue uplift from micropayments vis-à-vis ads.


Plug & play javascript to activate Few¢ents Wallet on publisher site.

Few¢ents Publisher Portal

Rich controls and data

Track who pays, how much, for which article, when, and from where.

Control price per article

Few¢ents sets default article price automatically. Publishers can change price or deactivate Few¢ents Wallet for specific articles.

Enable Metering

Publishers can control the number of free articles. Few¢ents login based metering minimizes fraud.

Enable Geo-fencing

Publishers can limit the countries where micropayment is enabled.

Powerful insights

Campaign performance, article performance, journalist performance, transaction reporting, and anonymised benchmarking data.

Easy payouts

Few¢ents triggers payout to the publisher bank account once every month.

Few¢ents Publisher Portal

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